Activated Intelligence




Distractions are everywhere, notifications, noises, emails, phone calls and beyond, we are constantly being bombarded with interruptions. It is estimated we have upwards of 70 thousand thoughts a day so staying on task and staying focused can feel impossible… until now!
Activate your Intelligence today with Nitropics Activated Intelligence focus supplement. Nitropics AI is a cognitive enhancing supplement that gives you that edge you need to push past mental fatigue that’s holding you back from being at your best.
Nitropics AI provides the mental boost you’re looking for without the negatives attached with traditional “energy” products, No crash, No jitters, No rush, No come down or crash just optimal mental performance.

With 18 neuro vitamins and minerals Nitropics AI is a truly incredible stack. Much more than just another nootropic, Nitropics AI’s comprehensive ingredients target enhanced focus, memory recall, cellular function, brain health and even helps in the fight against ageing!

    Our Activated intelligence formula focuses on the following processes:

  • Targeting acetylcholine network of neurotransmitters to enhance memory retention and recall
  • Stimulating the brain to reduce fatigue and provide upfront energy when needed
  • Increased metabolism for for enhanced energy production
  • Replenishing the full network of minerals within the body for correction of natural body processes
  • Increase in cellular function and nutrient carrying capacity to maximize cellular metabolism
  • Powerful cellular antioxidant to rid the body of free radicals, toxins and pollutants
  • Enhanced bioavailability of active ingredients through the use of piperine, humic and fulvic acids
  • Complex blend of neurotransmitter to enhance mood and aid in mental processing
  • Increasing BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor) and NGF (Nerve Growth Factor) for increased learning and cellular production in the brain


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